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When you download your kits you will see a lot of files. There are both sample files and blank files. The samples show you how we laid out the info for our fictional PTA, Berry Hill PTA. You can see where we put the PTA name, the dates, what information fits where.

The blank files are for you to use for your own details. You can out the images into a word processing application such as Microsoft Word. Put the image on your page, then use text boxes over the top for your details. The forum for each kit will tell you which fonts and colours we used so you can make it match. All the fonts we use are free to download and the forum will also give you the links to the fonts.

It is easier to use an image processing program for the web images. These are perfect for use on your Facebook pages or school and PTA websites. You can use the free online editor at

You also have access to our forums where we can help with any questions you have. We have over ten years of experience and training in graphic and web design to help you get finished quicker.


 Here's a video tutorial showing how to use a kit in Microsoft Word

Here's a useful youtube video for making your Word text boxes transparent

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  • I would just like to say how impressed we all are at our PTFA over the quality of the templates. So far we have used the quiz night, summer fete and ice cream Friday templates. Parents and teachers alike are noticing them. They look professional and have saved our secretary HOURS on creating a flyer to use! Well worth the 1st year discounted membership fee and will definitely be renewing for a 2nd year at full price!
    Friends of Brook School
  • Joining the Published PTA has changed my life! As the comms officer on the committee for our call I always do posters, letters etc. Your kits save me so much time and effort and also make me look really efficient and professional. It’s great!

    Begbrook PTFA
  • Exactly what I was looking for and very helpful in getting it set up, thank you!
    Our Lady's PTFA
  • Very informative and a great support, honest too!
    Porthleven PTA
  • The Published PTA site has changed my life! Since becoming a member and making use of all of the lovely kits available I have saved so much time. I used to trawl the internet looking for good templates for posters, letters, flyers etc and now I have them all at my fingertips. Access to the kits has also made me and our PTFA look more professional, taking away the "handmade" look of our previous posters and flyers. I would recommend this site to any PTA.

  • It is so nice to be able to download an image with recommended fonts to create a variety of publications for one event, also suggested completed images as a guideline

    Julia Williamson Chair, St Mary's Whitstable PFA
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've just created an A4 poster and A5 flyer for our upcoming Halloween disco, in a quarter of the time that it would normally take me! The kits are fantastic, so bright and appealing and more importantly, really easy to use!  No more trawling images on the internet and wrangling with layouts. I am extremely impressed and cannot wait to see the reaction from parents and teachers at school.  Keep the kits coming!
    Julie Smith, Featherbank
  • Just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for your awesome website.  It saves time, adds immense professionalism and offers a source of great ideas too. I haven't come across a design I don't like yet!  A truly golden find!  Thank you :-)

    Claire Coker, Waikawa Bay School PTA
  • We are extremely happy with what PublishedPTA has to offer. It is early days (of membership) for us but we can see that the kits will be well used over the next year and will let you know how we are getting on. Many Thanks.
    Annalie, SSASPTA

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